What I Do

Online Business Brokerage
Website Brokerage
Domain Acquisitions

Why Work With Me?

I specialize in Outbound Brokerage, which means I go beyond my network and research the best possible acquisition opportunities, then I reach out directly to the prospective buyer or seller. This active approach brings you the best possible outcome for your acquisition or divestment goal. Every effort is Full Service, which means I listen, strategize, and execute from inception, through research and outreach, and facilitate negotiation and closing (along with formalities).

Some Clients I've Worked For

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Tiered Commissions

Transactions Under $500k
Transactions $500k - $1M
Transactions $1M - $5M+
Transactions $5M - $10M
Transactions $10M - $15M
Transactions $15M+

About Mark

I work with some of the biggest names in numerous industries and niches. I work with Startups, Small-Medium Businesses, Fortune 500 companies and high-profile individuals. But I am also happy to help the average Joe/Jill or entrepreneur. I work independently as a broker and consultant that stands for more than just making money or closing a deal. I focus on what is best for the client and what is fair and realistic. Aside from being a broker, I am also Founder of DNdojo (the domaining resource hub) and I am a foster parent.


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